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I have the following task to complete:

In my program a have a block of database querys or questions. I want to execute these questions and wait for the result of all questions or catch an error if one question fails!

My Question object looks like this (simplified):

public class DbQuestion(String sql)


//The answer is just a holder for custom data...
public void SetAnswer(DbAnswer answer)
    //Store the answer in the question and fire a event to the listeners


public void SetError()
    //Signal an Error in this query!

So every question fired to the database has a listener that waits for the parsed result.

Now I want to fire some questions asynchronous to the database (max. 5 or so) and fire an event with the data from all questions or an error if only one question throws one!

Which is the best or a good way to accomplish this task? Can I really execute more then one question parallel and stop all my work when one question throws an error?

I think I need some inspiration on this...

Just a note: I´m working with .NET framework 2.0

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try with executeBatch(). This one may be helpful codeproject.com/Articles/306722/… –  Debobroto Das Nov 28 '12 at 11:05

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Look into transactions. Wrap your calls to the database in one transaction and commit at the end or rollback on failure.

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