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I'm a beginner in facebook. I try to add the facebook comments box to each of my blog post, i limit it to show 2 comments from the plugins, from the facebook comments box plugin site, they set the url to and it show a whole different UI from what i got.

More importantly, there is no view XX comments after 2nd comment, even i added 20 comments to it.

May i know how can i solve it? is it some setting that i need to set in my facebook app or use the graph api, i know that i can get the json from the facebook graph site as mentioned in the facebook blog

if i need to solve using json way, how do i append the remaining comments inside the website where it is using iframe.

i wish to have a easier solution like just changing setting inside my facebook app, rather than code an "View xx comments" button to do ajax call and append the result to the dom myself.

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solved myself, didn't remove the bracket after removing it, it is working now. – user1852471 Nov 28 '12 at 11:49

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