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I am building a Customer Contact Center application, which will monitor my client's Facebook page.

Their end customers write their complaints on their Facebook wall. I need to write an application which will monitor the wall for new messages. Whenever a new message comes, it will initiate a work-item in my BPM system.

My core application is in Java and supports MS-SQL and Oracle databases as backend. Please advise me on how should I go about this work.

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There is facebook-java-api by which you can do this.

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Thanks for your response Harish. But isn't the Java API about to be deprecated? I am not very particular about Java. I can build it in any other language too, which will make entries in a database. My application will read from there. –  Nitin Tomer Nov 29 '12 at 5:57

You could use restfb to utilize Java for accessing Facebook.

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