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Image in place-holder displays, but when I click on it - got some <img/> tag in jEditable input. Anyone knows how to remove it ?

    $(document).ready(function () {
    $('#Video3').editable(function (value, settings) {
        companyName(value, "Video3");
        return value;
            cancel: 'Cancel',
            submit: 'OK',
            style: 'inherit',
            tooltip: 'Add video',
            placeholder: '<img class="placeholder"  alt="edit" src="/UserControlsAdmin/ExhibitorZone/img/Add_Video.png" />"
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I've checked the source code , line 167 removes the placeholder's content if it is equal to settings.placeholder

/* Remove placeholder text, replace is here because of IE. */
if ($(this).html().toLowerCase().replace(/(;|"|\/)/g, '') == settings.placeholder.toLowerCase().replace(/(;|"|\/)/g, ''))

you can add this code after that if you want to remove the img tag

if ($(this).html().toLowerCase().indexOf('img') > -1)
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thank you! You saved my day :) ps cant + you answer my reputation is low )) – Corequatro Nov 28 '12 at 13:28

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