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I have the following tables in my mssql database:

Table 1
SozlesmeID  | SozlesmeNo | MusteriID(FK)

Table 2
MusteriID  | MusteriAdi | Musteri Soyadi

when join two tables with the following query;

select * from Musteriler M left join Sozlesmeler S on M.MusteriID = S.MusteriID

the result is:

M.usteriID   M.Adi   M.Soyadi   SozlesmeID   Sozlesme No    MusteriID
1            Hasan   Kahraman   1            232321123      1
1            Hasan   Kahraman   2            321233323      1
1            Hasan   Kahraman   4            312133331      1
2            Mahmut  Bilek      3            312333211      2
3            Turgut  Fazıl      5            333211123      3

the result that i want is

Musteri.ID    M.Adi     M.Soyadi   SozlesmeID1    SozlesmeID2    SozlesmeID(n)
1             Hasan     Kahraman   1              2              4
2             Mahmut    Bilek      3              NULL           NULL
3             Turgut    Fazıl      5              NULL           NULL

is that possible with any query. I'd be pleased if anyone can help me with this.

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Do a search for PIVOT Tables or check here artfulsoftware.com/infotree/queries.php#78 –  XYZ_909 Nov 28 '12 at 12:14
What you want to do is (in my opinion) too complicated to do with MySQL, or any other RDBMS in general. Please see this example at SQL Fiddle. While not a solution, you should do something like the second query and split the SozlesmeID comma separated list at application level (PHP, Java, whatever you use). Pivot tables are nice, but I couldn't find a simple example which deals with an arbitrary number of columns (in theory your table can have 1223 SozlesmeID for a single MusteriID). What you want is doable I guess, but too complicated to bother with. –  Kohányi Róbert Nov 28 '12 at 13:22

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