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I have created bullet list in my rich edit control, but i am facing below issue which i m trying to tell you in a sequence.

  1. press bullet button to generate bullet.
  2. Bullet list/paragraph will start like MS word.
  3. save the document.
  4. Reload the same doc --> Now it is behaving strange. It adds protection around bullet due to which user can not delete bullet , also paragraph will not be maintained , user need to click again on bullet button to start bullet paragraph.

see the code below:

code sample

Pfm.cbSize = sizeof(PARAFORMAT);

Pfm.wNumbering = PFN_BULLET;

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  1. If you are using Document View Arch. then Try this code

    PARAFORMAT Pfm = this->GetParaFormatSelection();
    Pfm.cbSize = sizeof(PARAFORMAT);
    Pfm.dwMask = PFM_NUMBERING;
    Pfm.wNumbering = PFN_BULLET;
  2. If you are using Cntrol, Save your document in RTF Format. This will persist your bullet structure as it is. Rich Text Box understand RTF format and can read and save document as it is.

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Thanks, it worked, but now i am working on the maintaining indent . i tried also to put indent it worked, but it is not generating proper RTF file so while loading it again is loosing start indention and other formating like tabs/offset/space before/apace after. So could any one help me. thanks –  hitesh Dec 6 '12 at 9:06

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