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My group model has_many posts, posts have_many comments.

When I show the posts on a group, I want to order by the created at of the most recent comment, if there are any on a post, or by the created_at of the post itself.

So an old post would jump back to the top of the list if it has a new comment.

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I would stick to a little different approach: your Comment belongs_to :post and belongs_to accepts :touch option. Set it to true and your Post's updated_at will be automatically updated on a Comment's modification. This way you can freely show your posts ordered by their updated_at.

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You can add commented_at:datetime column into posts table, then add before_create callback to Post model:

before_create :set_default_commented_at

def set_default_commented_at
  self.commented_at ||= Time.now

And add :touch to belongs_to association of Comment model:

belongs_to :post, touch: :commented_at

After all you'll be able to order by commented_at column.

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