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i have one SP as below

CREATE procedure [dbo].[SAMPLE]
@ID varchar(20)=null,      

@FromDate varchar(20)=null,
@ToDate varchar(20)=null,
@LastDate varchar(20)=null,
@TransType varchar(50)  = '',
@ProviderId varchar(max)=null,
@Payerid varchar(max)=null,
@PageNum    int =1,
@PageSize int=10,
@Mode int=0,
@DateType  varchar(20)=null,
@SortOrder varchar(10)='',
@SortColumn varchar(50)=''

in procedure , some logic is implemented.

now i have to generate report in SSRS by using the above sp

i follwed the method like datasource creation , data set created by selecting query type as stored procedure , now it shows all above parameters. now i want to pass parameter only for id ,and it have to display data if id is exist in my table . but i have to display all those parameters but these parameters should not ask to pass the values for it.

can any body provide me solution for it. because i am facing strugle from 3 days onwards.

remeMber that it is not a drilldown or drill through or subreport. it is simple report created from Stored PROCEDURE

thanks in advance

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Select each parameter in parameter list follow below steps:

  1. go to parameter properties
  2. select "Default Values" tab
  3. here select "Specify Values"
  4. give the value what you want
  5. go to "general" tab select parameter as "Hidden"
    Note: Follow above steps to those parameters that you don't want to select by user.
    And for ID jus leave it as it is, so that the user can give when running the report.
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Hemanth , according to you i selected parameter and then went to default values here i select specify value , it is not accepting null values ,if use parameter from expression it is showing error to me. here we cannot predict which value will be passed by the client. kindly provide solution and try to give some explanation. kindly note that parameter should be display in report and even though if we are not passing any value it should not show the error – Franklin Nov 28 '12 at 13:50
okay.. In parameter properties general tab there will be three options like : 1.Allow Blank values, 2. Allow Null Values and 3.Allow multiple values. Select 1 and 2 options and run the report.. Here beside parameter prompt you can see a check box "Null" , you need to select that checkbox to pass null to that parameter... Is this helpful?? – hemanth Nov 28 '12 at 14:09
hemanth please available in communication because i am new to ssrs – Franklin Nov 28 '12 at 14:19
Ya sure i will.. Was that above comment is helpfull to you? – hemanth Nov 28 '12 at 14:24
hemanth 50% work is done but here if i select the check box allow null values then it is showing null check box along with parameters. i have to remove it . and some parameters asking , ihow can i resolve it – Franklin Nov 28 '12 at 14:28

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