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I wanted to use MongoVue to create a quick export of all the ids for portion of a given collection.

I have a document that has an _id field which is a composite key.

For example.

  "_id" : {
    "GroupID" : 3,
    "ThingyID" : 320486
  "HowManyOwned" : 42,
  "IsAwesome" : true

I want to create an export of all the ThingyIDs for Group 3.

Of course if I make my query something like this.

db.GroupThingy.find({ "_id.GroupID" : 3 }, { "_id.ThingyID" : 1 })

I'll get back all the composite keys. I wanted to use MongoVue to just quickly create this export. If I use that query I get back an export of.

Document[2 Keys]
Document[2 Keys]
Document[2 Keys]

What I was hoping to get was



Or even better would be just


I could write a program for this but there has to be a quick way to accomplish this that I just don't know about.

Aggregation Framework doesn't help me get a csv export... but something like this will only support 20k documents

    key: { 
            "_id.ThingyID": 1, 
    cond: { "_id.GroupID": 3 }, 
    reduce: function(curr, result){
            result.ThingyID2 = curr._id.ThingyID
    initial: { "ThingyID2": 0 }
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have you looked at using Aggregation Framework for this? How big is your collection? –  Asya Kamsky Nov 28 '12 at 14:46
The collection has a little under 7 million records. –  jsobo Nov 29 '12 at 12:33

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Well I finally found out how to get the export using mongoexport thanks to this question: how to export collection to csv in mongodb

However I kept getting the error:

ERROR: too many positional options... and this post helped me find the answer: What does "too many positional options" mean when doing a mongoexport?

So my final solution to run the mongoexport was:

     --host myHostName 
     --db theDB 
     --collection GroupThingy 
     --fields "_id.ThingyID" 
     --query "{'_id.GroupID':3}"

(options on there own lines for readability)

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