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i have for instance an

enum State { OK, WARN, ERROR } 

and a message.properties with following keys:


and given a bean with a property of type State, for instance, bean.state, i would like to display the text for the property's state.

something like:

#{text['my.state.' + bean.state]}

this does not seem to be possible just because the + operator does not work on strings.

any work around?

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never mind, i got it: <ui:param name="msgKey" value="my.state.#{bean.state}" /> and #{text[msgKey]} –  mmoossen Nov 28 '12 at 13:33

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Add an extra property to the enum representing the label key.

public enum State {


    private String labelKey;

    private State() {
        this.labelKey = "my.state." + name();

    public String getLabelKey() {
        return labelKey;


So that you can reference it as follows:


This way you don't need to repeat <ui:param name="msgKey" value="my.state.#{bean.state}" /> over all place.

See also:

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nice, but not possible in my case since the enum comes from legacy code... –  mmoossen Nov 29 '12 at 7:20

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