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I have a blog application. and i want to set all user's accounts under subdomains. Like:

if someone type :


it must redirects to userx's blog page. i need to get that url and parse it from [].blog.com

and render requested user's page.

current profile url:

url(r'^blog/(?P<username>[-\w]+)/$', view='user_index',

in browser:


i hope i explained it clearly.

Thank you.

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I did something similar with one of my sites. My solution was to use mod_rewrite in apache to redirect userx.blog.com to blog.com/blog/userx.


Apache rewrite based on subdomain

Hope that helps.

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thank you. i will try this. –  alix Nov 28 '12 at 14:50

You can also make something what is called "internal redirect". This will allow you to hide from user that userx.blog.com is served actually by blog.com/blog/userx.

I also recommend to use nginx server as it is superior in every way over Apache :-)

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i just passed to nginx. i want to keep url as userx.blog.com after page rendered. no redirection. is it internal redirect or rewrite rule? which one is correct way for my situation? –  alix Dec 14 '12 at 12:30

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