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I am trying to implement a system which gets a balance from an account, and minuses an amount given. Here is my method.

transaction withdraw(double amount, double ID){

Temp = Llist.search(ID);  //Returns an Account Objet

Temp.setBalance(Temp.getBalance - amount); //Here is the error, '-' illegal, left operand   has type 'double (_thisCall Account::* )(void)'
string t = "Withdraw";

    transaction trans(t, amount, ID, name);
return trans;

I am asking which operand I would put into the line that would correctly minus 'a' from 'Temp.getbalance'

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Don't forget brackets for the function call - otherwise you're trying to take a double away from a function pointer!

Temp.setBalance(Temp.getBalance() - amount);

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Thank you! It's embarrassing when the answer was as easy as that, I suppose that's what happens when you stare at the problem for too long. –  ErrorOperator Nov 28 '12 at 13:41
LOL - no worries, glad to have been of assistance! –  Will A Nov 28 '12 at 13:42

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