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In my view, I have following bindings:

     'click #showallconsumers': 'showAllConsumers',
     'submit form': 'submit',
     'click #allconsumerstable tbody tr': 'selectConsumer',

In showAllConsumers function, I need to disable click on #showallconsumers anchor, fetch collection and rebind click event on #showconsumers after fetching finished.

showAllConsumers: function()
    $(this.el).undelegate('#showallconsumers', 'click');

    this.collection.fetch(({async: true, success : this.renderAllConsumers}));

renderAllConsumers: function(collection)
     //i'm populating table with data from collection 

     $('#showallconsumers').bind('click', this.showAllConsumers);

When I click on #showallconsumers anchor, undelegate works, but when fetching is finished, .bind(...) can not rebind event. I also tried with .delegate(...).

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The success function of fetch isn't getting called with the view as its context, so this.showAllConsumers isn't pointing to your function.

When calling fetch wrap the success function in Underscore's bind so that this points to your view:

this.collection.fetch(({async: true, success : _.bind(this.renderAllConsumers, this)}));
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Thank you very much – Danilo Vulović Nov 29 '12 at 9:19

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