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Is it possible (and if so how) to get the number of likes (preferred) or number of checkins for Facebook Places in a particular area?

I'd like to use that info to populate a database of populate attractions, restaurants in a particular city.

Any other source (dumps are api's ) that provide such info are more than welcome.

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To my knowledge, that would require a number of calls. You'd likely be rate limited if you went crazy with it, but nevertheless here is the solution I see:

1) Get Relevant Places:


2) Loop through those places, for each call the api again


to retrieve this sort of data:

  "checkins": 1320,
   "were_here_count": 2671,
   "talking_about_count": 21,
   "likes": 1120,
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Ahh great stuff. Couldn't find anywhere that were_here_count etc was available. – Geert-Jan Nov 28 '12 at 15:43

You can optimize your request by sending batch of calls in the same request to Facebook check this link

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