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Here I have a BOOK collection:

 Book Id:001
 Book Name:C# step by step
 Book Description:Programming book on C#

 Book Id:002
 Book Name:Head First Java
 Book Description:Programming Book on Java

 Book Id:003
 Book Name:Steve Jobs
 Book Description:biography of Jobs

My question is how to search all books with the word "Programming" in Book Description?

I am newbie to NoSQL, currently I can only use find() to perform precise search rather than a keyword search.

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The documentation has a chapter about Full Text Search in Mongo which recommends to split each string into an array of individual words, so that you can index it for faster lookup.

{   Id:001,
    Name:"C# step by step",
    Description:"Programming book on C#",
    Description_tags: [



When speed is not an issue and you want to avoid changing your data structure, you can also use regular expressions. But keep in mind that this scales badly: the lookup time will be linear to the number of entries in the collection.

db.collection.find( {description: { $regex: "Programming"} } );
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Thanks for you answer, but can I make the query to support case-insensitive? Because I found MongoDB treats the keyword "Good" and "good" differently. – Yang Xia Nov 28 '12 at 14:04
When you form the documents standardise the text to all lowercase – Sammaye Nov 28 '12 at 14:07
When you use the regular expression approach, you can use the "i" for "insensitive" option: db.collection.find( {description: { $regex: "Programming", $options: "i" }. When you use the tag approach, you should generate the tags in lower-case and also convert the user-input to your find query to lower-case. – Philipp Nov 28 '12 at 14:07

You can use a regular expression in the query selector of a find to do that:

db.books.find({description: /Programming/})
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