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I am starting up a Commerce webshop.

I would like to add the Commerce wishlist, but now the module is working only with registered users, for unregistered it does not work.

I set the role in the display block to anonymous, but even after changing this, I get the message that I have to log in to add something to the wishlist.

Can someone please advise me how to change it for use of anonymous users? I'm using Drupal 7.

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The wishlists are stored in the database against a user id, and since the anonymous user always has a uid of 0 you'd need to implement some sort of mechanism to track users based on (perhaps) a cookie. Of course, when a user clears their cookies, they'll lose the wishlist. The issue you're facing is at a higher level than the wishlist module (or even Drupal). Once you've found a way of identifying anonymous users correctly you'll be half way there. But I know that module and it would take a fair bit of work to re-jig it for those purposes –  Clive Nov 28 '12 at 15:02

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Instead of Commerce Wishlist you can use Flag, this do the same and more flexible. Also this work with anonymous users and have prepared Views for showing in blocks/pages.

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