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I have a problem.I want to get value in dynamic string its so complicated. This is string


This is dynamic string and i want to get name and replace variables values in this string.

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I recommend looking up regular expressions in PHP. It's designed for this sort of stuff, and it makes short work of them. – RonaldBarzell Nov 28 '12 at 13:58
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I'm not exactly sure about the format of your string, but here's something to get you going.

You can use explode to convert a string with delimiters to an array. Then you can change a value and convert it back to a form delimited by, e.g. ":". You do this by using join, which is an alias for implode:

// initialize variable and print it
$s = "pritesh:name:nilesh:replace";

$s = explode(":", $s); // convert to array
$s[1] = "anotherName"; // change value

// convert back to foo:bar form and print
$s = join($s, ":");

Putting that into a file example.php and running it on the command line:

$ php -q example.php

As someone mentioned, if you need to handle more advanced formats you should learn how to use regular expressions in PHP.

Hope that helps!

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$exploded = explode(':', $string);
$exploded[1] = $replacement;
$string = implode(':', $exploded);
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Assuming that the string is stored in a variable called $string, then:

$parts = explode(':', $string);

// this will mean that
// $parts[0] contains pritesh, $parts[1] = name, $parts[2] = nilesh and $parts[3] =  replace

// therefore
$name = $parts[0];
$replace = $parts[2];
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