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I'm just investigating some frameworks (CakePHP particularly) for a PHP project I'm about to start, and it must run on Oracle.

A quick googling found that Cake doesn't come packaged with Oracle support, and that there is a driver someone wrote, but that was back in April 2007, so I don't know how valid the information still is.

Has anyone had any experience with CakePHP or any other PHP Framework running over Oracle? Any pointers for me?

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Oracle is certainly one of the more neglected databases in Cake. There is an Oracle driver included by default which has even gone through a number of revisions, but there's very little test coverage for it. Whether that makes the driver good or bad I can't say, it just means it hasn't gone through a whole lot of testing and possibly real-world usage yet.

Again, the driver may or may not be fine, but if it's a mission critical app, Cake probably isn't the best choice. Unless you're ready to jump in and fix the driver if necessary. (And contribute patches back to the Cake project. :o))

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CakePHPdoes como packaged with Oracle 8 and higher support, all you have to do is change de driver in your DATABASE CONFIG in app/config/database.php

 'driver' => 'oracle'


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About other frameworks: We have an intranet running Zend Framework & Oracle db. Oracle (in general) sux :) No autoincrement, charset problems, filed-case related problems and other stuff, but the driver itself works fine :)

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