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I am using Cordova 2.2.0 for iOS. I'm trying to implement the Phonegap EmailComposerWithAttachments plugin and I can't seem to get the picture attachment to work.

I call:

window.plugins.emailComposer.showEmailComposerWithCallback(function(result){console.log(result);},"Look at this photo","Take a look at this:",[],[],[],true,[testPath]);

where testPath contains the path of my PNG or JPG file. e.g. ../myImage.jpg

The Good: The email composer comes up. I see my subject, the body of the e-mail etc.

The Bad: I don't see my picture included as attachment. Instead I see a small question mark (in the emulator) and a small square (on my iPad), as if the attachment was missing.

Any ideas?

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I am getting "Cannot read property 'EmailComposer' of undefined" error. Also i posted this at "stackoverflow.com/questions/25696639/…;. Do you have any idea. Please provide your comments. Thanks –  Prathamesh Talathi Sep 6 at 9:18

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The problem was the path I was providing for the plugin.

When you get the path of a file, it looks like this:


However, the EmailComposerWithAttachments plugin does not expect the path to start with


In order for the plugin to work, you need to change its path by taking out everything before var (file:///localhost/). So, the correct path would look like this:


Then it worked. I was able to use this plugin to send emails with picture attachments.

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I don't think this will work. First of app because it would not be cross platform (iOS specific path) and second of all because the full generated path includes a reference to the app itself. Try removing your app from the device or emulator, and running it again. The picture will fail. –  Joshua Dance Sep 3 at 13:37

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