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Is there any coffeescript specific trickery that would make this look neater:

index = (->
          if segment == 'index'
            return 0
          else if segment == 'inbox'
            return 2

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Yes, a switch expression:

index = switch segment
  when 'index' then 0
  when 'inbox' then 2
  else 1
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You could use an inline if ... then ... else statement broken up into multiple lines (for readability) by using the \ character.

index = if segment == 'index' then 0 \
        else if segment == 'inbox' then 2 \
        else 1

This is useful if your conditional logic is too complex for a simple switch block.

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Yes, the CoffeeScript-specific existential operator:

index = {'index': 0, 'inbox': 2}[segment] ? 1

You could also use an inline if statement to get rid of the function call:

index = if segment == 'index' then 0 else if segment == 'inbox' then 2 else 1

But an inline if wouldn't be any harder in straight Javascript:

index = segment == 'index' ? 0 : segment == 'inbox' ? 2 : 1
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