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I have a project which needs a little bit of web-scraping. The main requirement is to let the user enter his data on a java application. Then the application will connect to a data entry website then it will automatically inputs the data entered by the user to that website. I haven't started to code it since I don't know where to start. I already conducted some research about this and it points me to jsoup and desktop api(jsoup for webscraping and desktop api for opening a browser). Hope to receive a reply from the Java experts here.


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JSoup will certainly do the scraping for you. However you need to handle HTTP (GETs/POSTs etc.) and for that I would recommend Apache Http Components.

I'm not sure you want to open a browser. Rather I would expect you to ask the user for input (perhaps via a Swing UI, or a browser-based UI) and then talk directly to the website using HTTP. I don't think you'd need to open a browser to the destination website. If you do, then check out Watij, which allows you to drive a browser directly from Java.

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Hi Brian, thanks for this. I will try to test what you've shared to me. –  user1774267 Nov 28 '12 at 15:26

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