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I have a form with various form elements. In Create mode all elements must editable but in Edit mode i need to lock certain elements.

I tried to set attributes "readonly" or "disabled" and it works in Browser view. But when the user manipulate the POST-request with e.g. Webdeveloper tools (Forms->Enable Form Fields) in FireFox or other, then the values are accepted from zend form.

How can i safe protect/lock form elements?

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Simply do not modificate your entity / model with the posted data that you don't need. For this thing a function like $myModel->populate($request->getPost()) may not be the best approach. Rather write yourself a function like $myModel->populateForEdit($request->getPost()) in which you only modify the fields that are allowed to be modified on a certain action.

Always remember: any user can send you ANY data he wants. It's up to you to filter the data before populating your models!

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Interrestin approach. I use Doctrine Hydrator in my form: $this->setHydrator(new DoctrineEntity($em))->setObject(new MyEntity()); Any suggestions how can i customize this? –  user1860225 Nov 29 '12 at 11:16
Hmmm, a weird way would be to have two entities. $e1 //fetched from DB (uneditted) and $e2 //the entity that is posted to you from form - now for each field you want to modify $e1->setField($e2->getField()) - but doctrine itself may have some solution for such cases, i'm not that familiar with it yet –  Sam Nov 29 '12 at 12:10

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