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I dont' really know if this is a SO question or SF question.

I'm using flowplayer 5.2.0. The video is prepared for streaming using ffmpeg (moov moved to file head, encoded with h.264 and etc). But, using debug: true option i see the following output:

Object {url: "", seekpoints: Array[20], src: "", width: 1280, seekable: false…}

This media file is not seekable. But:

debug.metadata Object {videoframerate: 25, seekpoints: Array[20], audiocodecid: "mp4a", moovposition: 40, audiochannels: 2…}

There are some seekpoints.

What should i do to make this file seekable?

Mp4's are served by nginx with mp4 module -- range requests are supported.


I have a hypothesis that i need to fragment mp4 by keyframes. But i don't know how to do it with ffmpeg v.>0.8.

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Did you read this: ? ... maybe your server doesn't support byte range requests ... – thomas Dec 13 '12 at 13:59
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Looks like flowplayer (it's non-flash version) does not support HTTP Progressive download. It's flash version does, however.

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