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Moq - How to verify that a property value is set via the setter

I would expect the following test to fail:

public interface IObjectWithProperty
    int Property { get; set; }

public void Property_ShouldNotBeCalled()
    var mock = new Mock<IObjectWithProperty>();

    mock.Object.Property = 10;

    mock.Verify(x => x.Property, Times.Never());

However, this test passes, even though Property is clearly accessed on the line before the Verify.

So it seems that Verify actually means VerifyGet.

How should I verify that a property is never set?

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Use the following code instead:

mock.VerifySet(x => x.Property = It.IsAny<int>(), Times.Never());

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Thanks, this works. The syntax seems like an easy trap to fall into, as it looks like the code is being tested when in fact it isn't. Will have to go and search my code for Verify(*, Times.Never()) now... –  g t Nov 28 '12 at 16:12

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