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Following a JAXB tutorial using Eclipse JUNO EE I get the following on Generate->JAXB Classes

I believe I am following the steps.... however searching the net returns very few results, any help is appreciated.

*cowardly refuses to write to a non-existent directory "src"

Usage: xjc [-options ...] ... [-b ] ... If dir is specified, all schema files in it will be compiled. If jar is specified, /META-INF/sun-jaxb.episode binding file will be compiled. Options: -nv : do not perform strict validation of the input schema(s) -extension : allow vendor extensions - do not strictly follow the Compatibility Rules and App E.2 from the JAXB Spec*

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The -d parameter says that "The output directory must already exist, the XJC binding compiler will not create it for you."

The src directory must be there or the xjc library will refuses cowardly.

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