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I try to migrate our project from jre1.6 to jre1.7. We use uspec4j to test swing GUI on Solaris. And uspec don't work normaly with jre1.7. So, I am fixing Uspec4j and it help for some tests. But some problem's still exist and they belongs to XToolkit. I found some src:


but it's not enough. I don't understand how to emulate activation of XNETProtocol. (Maybe it wount help, it's just an idea)

     XNETProtocol netProto = XWM.getWM().getNETProtocol();
669         if ((netProto == null) || !netProto.active())
670         {
671             return super.getScreenInsets(gc);
672         } 

Maybe some description of XToolkid code will help me. But I can't find it by google. Maybe your know where can I find it?

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From Wikipedia:

X Toolkit Intrinsics (also known as Xt, for X toolkit) is a library used in the X Window System. More precisely, it is a library that uses the low-level Xlib library and provides a friendly (object-oriented-looking) API to develop X11 software with graphical widgets. It can be used in the C or C++ languages.

This (PDF link!) is the XToolkit Intrinsics manual straight from X.org. As you will see, it's a formidable API, and I suspect anything you do with this will be non-trivial.

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