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How do you automatically convert all items of Movie Clip (SymbolItem) in the library that uses Classic Tween to key frames?

enter image description here

enter image description here

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You can use this JSFL script, supported in Adobe Flash Professional CS4 and later

Documentation can be found here:

var document = fl.getDocumentDOM();

var library = document.library;

for (var libraryItemIndex in library.items) {
    var libraryItem = library.items[libraryItemIndex];

    fl.trace( + " is " + libraryItem.itemType);

    if(libraryItem.itemType == "movie clip") {

        fl.trace(" processing movie clip");


        var timeline = libraryItem.timeline;

        fl.trace(" contains " + timeline.layerCount + " layers");
        fl.trace(" selected layers " + timeline.getSelectedLayers());

        for (var layerIndex in timeline.layers) {
            fl.trace(" trying to select layer " + layerIndex);
            fl.trace(" converting to key frames");
            timeline.convertToKeyframes(0, libraryItem.timeline.frameCount - 1);
    else {
        fl.trace(" ignoring");

Output will look like this:

enter image description here

Note: watch out for method timeline.setSelectedLayers(), cast to Number is neccessary

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