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I have a pandas pivot_table that aggregates 2 data sets in 2 columns across several rows. I would like to add another column that is the difference between the aggregated values in the two existing columns by row. Is there a way to implement this directly in the pivot_table() call? I know that the returned pivot is a dataframe so I can calculate it through other means, but just curious if there is a more efficient way.

Simple example of my data:

  Set     Type   Val
  S1       A     1
  S1       B     2
  S1       B     3
  S2       A     4
  S2       B     5
  S2       C     6

Using the following code where data is my df


I get the below

    S1  S2
A   1   4
B   5   5
C   0   6

I would like the output to be

    S1  S2 Diff
A   1   4   3
B   5   5   0
C   0   6   6

or just

A   3
B   0
C   6
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Easy. Dataframes (and matrices in general) make it easy to operate on multiple elements at one go.

Define the function you want to apply.

>>> def abs_diff(x, y):
>>>     return abs(x - y)

Then, apply it.

>>> df['Diff'] = abs_diff(df['S1'], df['S2'])

>>> df

   S1  S2  Diff
A   1   4     3
B   5   5     0
C   0   6     6

And of course, if you just want to render the specific column:-

>>> df['Diff']

A    3
B    0
C    6
Name: Diff

(>>> is the python shell prompt of course)

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Thanks, I ended up doing something similar. Was wondering if the pandas pivot had any similar built in functionality. –  MattB Nov 29 '12 at 2:14

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