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I am using the disqus 2012. I already have a rating system implemented on my site so wish to remove the star in the top right corner of the comments as it's just a bit confusing. When I hover over it says 'vote up'. is there anyway to remove this from my comments?

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How are you using disqus on your website?

Is it a wordpress plugin etc or have you hard-coded it in to your site?

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hi, thanks for reply, hard coded into website – David Nov 28 '12 at 16:02

Starring has a pretty important function so users can "favorite" or "like" a discussion and share it with users who are following them, so it can't be removed.

The hover state should also now say Star this discussion to be more explicit that this exists for the comment thread only. Hopefully that alleviates any worry of confusing users.

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