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I need to handle Request WSDL schema failures, such as unknown WSDL operations, by returning a custom failure Response (from a JAXB type) rather than the default SoapFault.

I have 2 cases that I am trying to handle:

  1. Bad operation name in SOAPAction header
  2. Invalid root element in the Soap body

I am currently struggling trying to create an outbound Fault Interceptor that can trap specific fault codes and convert the response from a SoapFault to a normal Response generated from a JAXB object. I have based my work so far on How to transform SoapFault to SoapMessage via Interceptor in CXF?.

This works for scenario [1] but I always get an empty <soap:Body/> tag for [2].

Any help or pointers as to why this might be happening will be gratefully received.

When using this request (where BadOperation is not in the WSDL):

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=""> 
        <ns5:BadOperation xsi:type="ns5:BadOperationType" xmlns:ns5="" xmlns:xsi="">    

I get this response:

<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="">

After tracing this thru, the request fails for [2] in the DocLiteralInInterceptor Interceptor. The exception is:

org.apache.cxf.interceptor.Fault: Message part {}BadOperation was not recognized (Does it exist in service WSDL?)
    at org.apache.cxf.interceptor.DocLiteralInInterceptor.validatePart(
    at org.apache.cxf.interceptor.DocLiteralInInterceptor.handleMessage(

This fails to handle [2] because it can not create a MessagePartInfo and generates a NO_PART_FOUND Fault.

My interceptor code (based on Question above) creates a new Message holding my JAXB response object but when it tries to 'bind' it to the Out Message it fails as the BindingOperationInfo is always null. I think this is because the MessagePartInfo could not be created in the DocLiteralInInterceptor.

I've tried to create a BindingOperationInfo in bind() but I can't be doing it right because I always get a blank Body tag.

public class SampleSoapFaultToSoapResponseOutInterceptor extends AbstractSoapInterceptor {

public SampleSoapFaultToSoapResponseOutInterceptor() {
    addBefore(Arrays.asList(StaxOutInterceptor.class.getName(), AttachmentOutInterceptor.class.getName()));

public void handleMessage(SoapMessage message) throws Fault {

    Exchange exchange = message.getExchange();

    exchange.put(Exception.class, null); // reset exchange

    Message outMessage = createOutMessage(exchange);

    InterceptorChain chain = prepareNewInterceptorChain(exchange, outMessage);


private InterceptorChain prepareNewInterceptorChain(Exchange exchange, Message outMessage) {
    Message message = exchange.getOutMessage();

    InterceptorChain chain = OutgoingChainInterceptor.getOutInterceptorChain(exchange);

    return chain;

private Message createOutMessage(Exchange exchange) {
    Endpoint ep = exchange.get(Endpoint.class);

    Message outMessage = ep.getBinding().createMessage();
    outMessage.setContent(List.class, new MessageContentsList(createSoapMessage()));

    return outMessage;

// Create an instance of our JAXB type - for test, always return same response
private Object createSoapMessage() {
    StartGameSessionResponseType response = new StartGameSessionResponseType();
    response.setErrorText("System Error");
    return response;

private void bind(Message message) {
    Exchange exchange = message.getExchange();
    BindingOperationInfo bop = unwrap(message.getExchange().getBindingOperationInfo());

    if (bop == null) {
         BindingInfo bi = new BindingInfo(exchange.getService().getServiceInfos().get(0), "XXXXXXXXX");  //Don't know what the id would be!
        OperationInfo opInfo = new OperationInfo();

        opInfo.setName(new QName("", "startGameSession"));

        OperationInfo op = new OperationInfo();
        QName qnm = new QName("", "startGameSession");
        MessageInfo msgInfo = new MessageInfo(op, MessageInfo.Type.OUTPUT, qnm);
        String nm = "startGameSessionResponse";
        opInfo.setOutput(nm, msgInfo);

        bop = new BindingOperationInfo(bi, opInfo);

    message.put(MessageInfo.class, bop.getOperationInfo().getOutput());
    message.put(BindingMessageInfo.class, bop.getOutput());

    bop = unwrap(ServiceModelUtil.getOperationForWrapperElement(exchange, bop.getName(), false));
    if (bop != null) {
        exchange.put(BindingOperationInfo.class, bop);
        exchange.put(OperationInfo.class, bop.getOperationInfo());


private BindingOperationInfo unwrap(BindingOperationInfo bop) {
    if (bop != null) {
        while (bop.getUnwrappedOperation() != null) {
            bop = bop.getUnwrappedOperation();
            return bop;
    return bop;

private void resetOrigInterceptorChain(SoapMessage message) {
    InterceptorChain chain = message.getInterceptorChain();
    for (Interceptor<?> interceptor : chain) {

My interceptor is applied to the Bus in the config file.

        <bean class="" />

Environment: CXF 2.6.3, Spring 3.1.3.RELEASE, Java 1.6

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Hi did you ever get a response on how to fix this? I have the same problem! Thanks. – MandyW Oct 22 '13 at 9:22
Hi Mandy, no, I never got a solution. It got put on the back burner soon after I asked. C. – colin_froggatt Oct 29 '13 at 19:21

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