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I am busy developing a Camel Component for Apollo using the HawtDispatch Apollo Client library for Scala. I am successful with sending and receiving of messages from queues and topics but I do not know how I can determine that the current producer (StompProducer) requires inOut or InOnly behaviour. For InOut I want to subscribe to a temporary queue to get the result if no explicit replyTo is provided. Am I barking up the wrong tree? Are there any examples I can look at? Has somebody already done an Apollo Stomp Component? I have tried using the ActiveMQ component to bind to the OpenWire protocol in Apollo 1.5 but that did not work well. The Sjms Camel component in Camel 2.11-SNAPSHOT also did not work for me. The end goal is to have Apollo Consumer/Producers Actors for Akka. Any advice on alternatives for Camel Apollo integration or on getting my own attempt at a Component working, will be much appreciated. Regards Ian

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You get this done? You opensourcing it? – chrislovecnm Jan 29 '13 at 6:40

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Found the answer: when processing an exchange you can test if is an inOut exchange by using exchange.getPattern.isOutCapable.

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