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In UICollectionView, I want to give the whole section a uniform background color, instead of for a single cell or for the whole collection view.

I don't see any delegate method to do that, any suggestions?

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I haven't tried this out yet, but it looks to me that you need to use decoration views if you want a background behind your cells (like the shelf in the Books app). I think you should be able to have different views for each section, and set them up using the delegate method layoutAttributesForDecorationViewOfKind:atIndexPath:.

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In collection view every section can have a supplementary views, so put supplementary views for each section then set background color to supplementary views instead of section cells. I hope it will help.

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When reading about supplementary views, I only find examples when it is used for headers & footers. Do you have any example and/or working code for your answer. –  Johan Karlsson Mar 17 '14 at 12:44
I have done it by using collection view custom layout. In custom layout my supplementary view frame is equal to that entire section frame. –  Jirune Mar 19 '14 at 7:36
How did you manage to do that? if you could tell that would be great. Thanks –  Shwet Solanki May 9 '14 at 15:23

I need same thing like you means alternate background color for each section. So I developed custom SectionBackgroundLayout from UICollectionViewFlowLayout. My solution available on https://github.com/s-atif-jamil/CollectionSectionView

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