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How to obtain all Active Directory groups (Not just related to a current user)? I'm using spring security ldap. Could you provide some examples?

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What have you tried? –  David Pärsson Nov 28 '12 at 16:11
Did you go through other threads where people have provided examples and questions? For example stackoverflow.com/questions/7417177/… –  CodeDreamer Nov 28 '12 at 16:21

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What you can do is write an implementation of LdapAuthoritiesPopulator that matches the DefaultLdapAuthoritiesPopulator implementation with an extra method to retrieve all roles.

public class ExtendedLdapAuthoritiesPopulator
        implements LdapAuthoritiesPopulator {

    // Copy implementation of DefaultLdapAuthoritiesPopulator (omitted).

    private String allAuthorityFilter
        = "(&(objectClass=group)(objectCategory=group))";
    public void setAllAuthorityFilter(String allAuthorityFilter) {
                       "allAuthorityFilter must not be null");
        this.allAuthorityFilter = allAuthorityFilter;

    public final Collection<GrantedAuthority> getAllAuthorities() {
        if (groupSearchBase == null) {
            return new HashSet<>();
        Set<GrantedAuthority> authorities = new HashSet<>();
        if (logger.isDebugEnabled()) {
            logger.debug("Searching for all roles with filter '"
                         + allAuthorityFilter + "' in search base '"
                         + groupSearchBase + "'");
        Set<String> roles = ldapTemplate.searchForSingleAttributeValues(
                new String[0],
        if (logger.isDebugEnabled()) {
            logger.debug("Roles from search: " + roles);
        for (String role : roles) {
            if (convertToUpperCase) {
                role = role.toUpperCase();
            authorities.add(new SimpleGrantedAuthority(rolePrefix + role));
        return authorities;


In your spring security configuration change the DefaultLdapAuthoritiesPopulator to your new implementation.

An additional property can set the AllAuthorityFilter which filters which groups will be returned.

You may prefer your implementation to just retrieve the String based role names instead of the GrantedAuthority instances.

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Check this interface: http://static.springsource.org/spring-security/site/docs/3.1.x/apidocs/org/springframework/security/ldap/userdetails/LdapAuthoritiesPopulator.html

and this class default:


it can be helpful

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Yes, i see how to get groups for a particular user. Problem is that i haven't found the way to obtain list containing all existing ldap groups. –  A cup of tea Nov 28 '12 at 16:45

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