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I am new in php and mysql i am facing a problem to creating categories, sub categories and sub of sub categories please any one tell me this i Google it a lot but didn't find a good answer actually what i want is I should have 1 form with fields cat name (if i give it a name it creates this main cat else give me option 2 select from old one to create a sub category and when i select sub cat it gives me option to sub of sub cat ) keywords description submit and how to call these categories in all categories and on main page. Thank you in advance..

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Going to need a bit more information - do you have any code already? How are you storing the data? –  james_tookey Nov 28 '12 at 16:05
It sounds like you are trying to ask two questions. The first is about how to design your form, and the second is about how to structure your tables. In fact, there may be a third one buried in there when reading between the lines, and that seems to be a dynamic response to clicking on a checkbox. I recommend starting off with just one of these questions, and doing a bit of legwork before presenting it here. When everything is working, do your best on the second part and so on. –  RonaldBarzell Nov 28 '12 at 16:15
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First of all you should design the "correct" table (db).

The table of categories it should be like this:

cat_id | Unique id for each category
cat_name | The name of category (retrieved by the form you made)
parent_cat | The parent category id for each category you make

In other words, your form should have the following fields:

Category Name:
Parent Category: (null or id of an existing category)

With this way you can build a structure with unlimited subcategories. For example, the items that its parent_cat is 0 (or null) is the first-level category. The items with existing parent_cat is a sub-category between two and N level, which N is the max level of subcategories.

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