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I am using Oracle 11g and I'm trying to find a way of using data pump to export ALL schemas in a database. I know you can specify multiple schemas using the SCHEMAS argument, but I need to be able to export all schemas without having to explicitly name them, because at any given time I don't know exactly what schemas are there (it's a development database and developers can add schemas whenever they want). Is there a way to do this with data pump? Or is there some other tool which could do this?


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You can export all schemas with full=y:

expdp system/password@db10g full=Y directory=TEST_DIR dumpfile=DB10G.dmp logfile=expdpDB10G.log
impdp system/password@db10g full=Y directory=TEST_DIR dumpfile=DB10G.dmp logfile=impdpDB10G.log


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Thanks! For some reason I didn't see this in the documentation... –  user1578653 Nov 28 '12 at 17:21

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