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My selenium tests are failing with a PHPUnit_Extensions_Selenium2TestCase_NoSeleniumException exception. But not not always, and not always on the same element.

I suspect this has got to do with the speed of execution, i.e. the element is not yet visible when selector is executed.

I have searched SO, but find mostly either Java-related suggestions involving WebdriverWait (not in PHPUnit/Selenium as far as I could find) or deal with the older Selenium RC commands like waitForPageLoad etc.

How do I make these tests more stable? Should I wrap the selection of elements in a function that tries repeatedly (for a certain amount of iteration) to select the element, using sleep() between iterations? What is common/best practice for this?

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I think I have found the problem. My initial thoughts, that selenium needs more time to locate the elements, seems incorrect. The selenium server spends some time doing "Executing: [find element:...", but then follows up immediately with "Executing: [delete session:...".

So that explains why sleep() or anything like that didnt help my test.

Googling some more, I found this Google Groups discussion. So it seems that my current Selenium Server, 2.26.0, doesnt work nice with my FF 17.0. I verified by installing the ChromeDriver and running my tests repeatedly on Chrome, which passed every time.

So now i can either:

  1. Try and compile latest sources for a sort-of-bleeding-edge Selenium and see if it works against FF17
  2. Downgrade FF to 16.0 or lower
  3. Use Chrome (and IE, and Opera, etc) for my tests till 2.27.0 arrives

I dont really want to downgrade, so for now i'll take option 3 and run my tests against Chrome. This is just the initial setup of functional testing for me anyway, so expanding the tests to multiple browsers can be done later on.

Edit: now using FireFox again with Selenium 2.27.0

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