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Can someone give some starting points on how to get started with sentiment analysis.

It would be great if you could provide some open source tools that can be used for that task.

Currently I am looking at GATE (http://gate.ac.uk) and RapidMiner (http://rapid-i.com/), but I think I am in middle of nowhere and I lack the basics to get started with these tools...

It would be helpful if someone who has prior experience with GATE/RapidMiner explained how to start working with these.

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both, GATE and RapidMiner are powerful text mining and sentiment analysis tools. I personally prefer RapidMiner, because I found it easier to learn and the RapidMiner training courses provided by Rapid-I gave me a really quick start. They offer a dedicated course on text mining and sentiment analysis: Sentiment Analysis, Opinion Mining, and Automated Market Research .

Starting in September or October 2009, they will also offer webinars. You should contact them directly, if you would like to learn more about their webinars. Several major online market research companies in Europe and the US are using RapidMiner for opinion mining and sentiment analysis from internet discussions groups and web blogs. For more details and references I would again suggest to simply ask their team at contact(at)rapid-i.com or check their RapidMiner forum at forum.rapid-i.com .

Best regards,


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Another option is to use LingPipe which has a very nice tutorial to jumpstart you in sentiment analysis. LingPipe has an integration for GATE, which you can read more about here.

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For GATE specifically, the materials from our regular training courses are available on the wiki. In particular module 12 from the June 2012 course discusses how to use GATE for opinion mining.

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