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Maybe I am missing something, but I simply want to (in my java program) get the query string from a javax.persistence.Query object? The Query object itself doesn't seem to have a method to do that. Also I know that our manager doesn't want us to use Spring framework stuff (for example using their QueryUtils class).

Is there not a way to simply get the query string from javax.persistence.Query object (Again, in a java program) ?!

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There is no JPA-standard way, but some implementations have their own methods. For example DataNucleus JPA allows you to do


Look at the docs of your implementation for how they do it. See also this blog entry http://antoniogoncalves.org/2012/05/24/how-to-get-the-jpqlsql-string-from-a-criteriaquery-in-jpa/

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There is no standard way in JPA,

If you are using EclipseLink see,


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Edit your persistence properties file if JPA is provided by hibernate. Add the below section -

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