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I have a dilemma. I can choose between:

  • Emiting custom events and reacting on them,
  • Implementing observer pattern.

Events looks to be more simple, but what about performance? Do you know about any performance tests of these two techniques? It would be very helpful.


Is it possible to add scope for events?

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Both eventing and observer pattern share the same principal: trigger and react. Since Java do not have function pointers, therefore, we use an object to wrap around a function and notify when an event is triggered. This is observer pattern.

JavaScript supports function pointers. So we can remove the object "wrapper" and keep a list of event handlers at its very raw form: a function.

I don't know any perf tests about observer pattern or Node.JS event emitter. But memory-wise, keeping things small helps perf. Moreover, when a event is triggered, eventing don't require you to use a member accessor (i.e. the dot). This should save you some perf too.

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But what if we have many observable objects, and each have it's own observers? In node all events are in one loop. Shouldn't observer be more efficient? – ciembor Nov 29 '12 at 23:20

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