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I've got a table that when empty/filtered w/o results throws in a tr with a td with the class "dataTables_empty". It has a message and a button that will attempt to clear the filter. I've got a jquery handler that looks like this,

$('#accountUsersTable tbody').on("click", 'tr', function (e) {
  //moves tr to another table and other magic.

Obviously, I don't want to move this informative tr to the other table so I tried to add a :not() to the handler but couldn't figure out how to not has child td with class dataTables_empty.

$('#accountUsersTable tbody').on("click", $('tr').filter('td').prop('class') != 'dataTables_empty', function (e) {
  //moves tr to another table and other magic.

Or something :/

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$('#accountUsersTable tbody').on("click", 'tr', function (e) {

      // Your logic here
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Man, why do I try to so hard to over complicate things? – davimusprime Nov 28 '12 at 18:53

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