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I have about 9 models (more coming soon) which currently have both common & unique sphinx attributes in each - these attributes are used as filters & don't need to be searchable.

Here is an example of some of my models which illustrates the problem:

class Ad
  belongs_to :categories

  define_index('ad') do
    has, :as => :category_name_tags, :facet => true, :type => :string

class User
  belongs_to :region
  define_index('ad') do
    #psudocode below 
    has "(SELECT name from categories)", :as => :category_name_tags, :facet => true, :type => :string

So that I can search like this:

results = "red car", :with => { :category_name_tags => "autos" }, :classes => [Ad, User]

All my non-Ad models need to have an "category_name_tags" attribute defined which will match any "category_name_tags" filters the user specifies when searching - in other-words these are dummy attributes that should always match all certain filters - they are passive for most models, I want to do this because if these attributes do not exist in my model, then no results from that model will be returned.

Note: I cannot modify the data model used by the client.

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Hi! Did you eventually solved this question? – dgilperez Sep 23 '13 at 1:46

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