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I have a form here using the validation engine, I would like to have it so that if someone clicks on "no experience" a message comes up saying "you must have at least 1 year of experience" and they can't move on to submit the form if they have 1 year.


^note, you have to put the http instead of hxxp for spamming purposes.

Can some kind soul out here let me know how I can do that?

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By Using Jquery Validation Engine:

       <select  id="experience" class="validate[required]">
                <option >No Experience</option>
                <option >Below 1 yr</option>
                <option >1 yr</option>
                <option >Above 1 yr</option>
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You can achieve this by using on change function,

Ex :

   var selecVal = $(this).val();
    if( selecVal == 'No Experience') {


If you want pass custom message you do that also, refer this


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