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Is there some plugin for Eclipse which allow me to create new projects based on Maven 3 archetypes? I have to deal with a bunch of archetypes (including some created/used internally by our organization) and would like to have some plugin which e.g. would ask me

  • which archetype to use
  • what is the group id
  • what is the artifact id

and the would create a project with that information. However, this seems impossible.

So, there are two questions:

  • is there such a plugin? If so,
  • how to use it in a way analogous to the one I described below?
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What about m2eclipse? I believe it covers all your needs. Once installed you can create a new maven project and the wizard will ask you for archetype, group and artifact id.

Just go to File-> New -> Other -> Maven -> Maven Project and it will guide you.

Note: the 2 on the m2eclipse doesn't need it uses maven 2, you can configure it to use any maven installation that you may have

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