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I am using a pipe to TEE a call to apache ant

call C:\ant\bin\ant.bat %* |TEE build-logs\build-log-%yyyy%%mm%%dd%.%hh%%nn%%ss%.txt

Which gives me a consistent ERRORLEVEL 4264624 when I use a test task with or without <fail/> in it.

In other words I am not getting the status of ant.bat, but something else.

This is DOS not BASH, so I don't have access to

echo ${PIPESTATUS[0]}

Is there a direct solution to this, if not my goals are to log ant output as shown, and to capture the return code.

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You might have more success with powershell, instead of DOS. – David Nov 28 '12 at 18:45

You could direct ant output to file using the -logger command line option.

ant -l <logfile>

But this would not also write to stdout, which I guess TEE is doing for you.

To get output to file and stdout you should be able to use a Log4jListener with log4j configuration to write to console and file.

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