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in python interactive shell, if you do

>>> import os
>>> help(os)

you will get a linux man-like help page. anybody has ideas how to do it in pure python? Now I have implemented a similar shell by raw_input and python readline module. But I totally have no idea how to do the help page.


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Isn't help(os) pure python? – Ashwini Chaudhary Nov 28 '12 at 19:03
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Look at the code for pydoc, i.e.:


(This is for Windows, of course everywhere else the slashes go the other way.)

Helper class's help member function calls doc function calls render_doc, which is probably the function you want.

import sys
import pydoc

plainSysDoc = pydoc.plain((pydoc.render_doc(sys)))
print plainSysDoc

pydoc.plain is a formatting function (that removes bold formatting).

As a side note, while fact checking this answer I learned that pydoc can be called from the command line:

pydoc sys
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OK, I got an easy way. just call 'man' by subprocess and make my help documents to man page separately

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