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Here is a problem that was a real, prolonged nightmare for me. I am posting it here, to save someone else a real headache.

There is a sortable() and items that can be dropped into it. Everything works peachy, except that initially the sortable() won't accept items. Only after the user has changed the position of items within the sortable(), will the sortable() accept items.

In other words, it looks like the .sortable() needs to be waken up, before it will accept anything.

(It appears that this poor soul was struggling with the same problem. He never got any reply...)

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The following transpired. My .sortable() was initialized with a div style="display:none". This made perfect sense when I wrote it. When needed, the user simply pops up the div containing the .sortable().

However, binding a .sortable() within a hidden div apparently causes it to sleep.

When I bind .sortable() with the div visible, everything is fine.

Hope this helps someone...

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