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I have a custom listview built with a simple adapter. When i click the item on the listview, i want the different items on that item. Example: my listview has two text fields and a ImageView field. So when i click the item on the listview, how do i get the first text separately and the second one separately.

    WeatherAdapter adapter = new WeatherAdapter(this,R.layout.listview_header_row, weather_data);
            listView1 = (ListView)findViewById(R.id.listView1);

            listView1.setOnItemClickListener(new AdapterView.OnItemClickListener() {

              public void onItemClick(AdapterView<?> arg0, View arg1, int position, long arg3) {
                            //want to get the specific items...like R.id.txt1 and R.id.rtxt1


And this is my Listview defined and the holder...

    public View getView(int position, View convertView, ViewGroup parent) {
View row = convertView;
WeatherHolder holder = null;

if(row == null)
    LayoutInflater inflater = ((Activity)context).getLayoutInflater();
    row = inflater.inflate(layoutResourceId, parent, false);

    holder = new WeatherHolder();
    holder.imgIcon = (ImageView)row.findViewById(R.id.imageView1);
    holder.txtTitle = (TextView)row.findViewById(R.id.txt1);

    holder = (WeatherHolder)row.getTag();

Weather weather = data[position];
return row;

static class WeatherHolder
//Bitmap imgIcon;
ImageView imgIcon;
TextView txtTitle;
TextView txtRating;

and the Holder values are ..

public class Weather {

public Drawable wicon;  
public String wtitle;
public String wrating;
public Weather(){

public Weather(String icon, String title,String rating) {

    this.wtitle = title;

public static Drawable LoadImageFromWebOperations(String url) {
    try {
        InputStream is = (InputStream) new URL(url).getContent();
        Drawable d = Drawable.createFromStream(is, "src name");
        return d;
    } catch (Exception e) {
        return null;


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You could either look for the views you want in the View representing the second parameter:

public void onItemClick(AdapterView<?> parent, View rowView, int position, long id) {
    String firsttext = ((TextView) rowView.findViewById(R.id.txt1)).getText().toString();
    String secondtext = ((TextView) rowView.findViewById(R.id.rtxt1)).getText().toString();

or you could use the getItemAtPosition method on the first parameter if you properly implemented the adapter:

public void onItemClick(AdapterView<?> parent, View rowView, int position, long id) {
    Weather rowData = (Weather) parent.getItemAtPosition(position);    
    // get the data from rowData;
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just use the the passed View (arg1 in your case):

WeatherHolder holder = (WeatherHolder) arg1.getTag(); 

Since you haven't posted the entire code, most likely you could also use the passed position.


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Hey I have updated the post with the complete code...please check again... because what ever you suggested crashed –  JS_VIPER Nov 28 '12 at 19:32

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