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I am working with integrating an MVC4 application with WCF services. At present, I generate a service reference from the WCF services endpoint using svcutil.

I have a number of services eg. a BooksServiceReference and CarsServiceReference. An issue I have is that both service references share the same entities but my code treats them differently as they have different namespaces. For example, both references have a Price entity which is the same, only a different namespace.

What I want to do but unsure in doing is the follows. Use T4 mapping to take each class in the service reference file and generate a DTO object for it. So at this point, I have my own DTO object for all classes in the service reference.

Next step, exclude the common entities via a T4 configuration file that are common to both service references. I believe this will be manual and I am fine with this.

For the common entities to, I create a separate T4 configuration file which generates these in to one DTO file.

I have only done some brief work with T4 generation so would appreciate any assistance with the above?

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This sounds like a huge hassle -- are you aware that you can re-use objects on client and server if you define the DataContract classes in a shared library project? –  McGarnagle Nov 28 '12 at 19:35
Yes but sharing libraries can be a pain from past experience. –  amateur Nov 28 '12 at 19:38
A simpler way, if you're OK with the Visual Studio service reference approach, is to take advantage of this Visual Studio service reference generation feature. I prefer sharing service contract only assemblies as dbaseman suggests but the service reference approach is workable. –  Sixto Saez Nov 28 '12 at 22:06

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