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I am loading a shapefile from a server and than drawing it n OpenLayers. The shapefile contains over 400,000 multipolygons with varying opacity. I need to set the opacity and fill color yet openlayers seems to be ignoring it and just drawing orange squares instead. I console.log() before I change the attributes and after and it shows what I assigned it. Can anyone tell me why it is doing that?

var green = {
    fill: true,
    fillColor: "#006633",
    fillOpacity: 1

var features =;
if (featureNumber == 0){
features = element.toString();
var bounds;
var b = features.indexOf('MULTIPOLYGON', 0);

var c = features.indexOf('MULTIPOLYGON', 40);
if (c == -1) {
    c = element.indexOf(':',b+1);

leftovers = features.substring(c,100000000000000000);

features = features.substring(b,c);

features =;

if(features) {
    if(features.constructor != Array) {
        features = [features];
    for(var i=0; i<features.length; ++i) {
        if (!bounds) {
            bounds = features[i].geometry.getBounds();
        } else {


    console.log(pointLayer.features[featureNumber].attributes );

    pointLayer.features[featureNumber].attributes = green;
    console.log(pointLayer.features[featureNumber].attributes );


    var plural = (features.length > 1) ? 's' : '';
    console.log('Feature' + plural + ' added');
    console.log('feature number: '+featureNumber)

    if (leftovers.indexOf('MULTIPOLYGON',0) != -1) {

} else {
   final(leftovers, shapefile);


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well the style belongs in the .style property not the .attributes of the feature. You'll also need to call redraw() if it's already on the map.

pointLayer.features[featureNumber].style = green;

If you want to start out with the default style and just change a few things, you can do something like this:

var green = OpenLayers.Util.applyDefaults(green,['default']);
green.fill = true;
green.fillColor = "#006633";
green.fillOpacity = 1;
pointLayer.features[featureNumber].style = green;
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Thanks for the help! – Mitchell Ingram Nov 29 '12 at 20:41

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