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in my app I have modified my script files in order to allow comma as decimal separator instead of using a dot (issue related to localization).

The thing is, when I use the unmodified script (the min version) the validation works fine... the error messages displays instantaneously and dissapear also instantaneously on correct. But when I use the modified version (non min version), the error messages just won't show up until I hit the submit button, then the MVC flow occurs (controller->action->view) and the ModelState.isValid goes false, display the same view with the model and obviously the model errors added, with the unobtrusive message sided to the incorrect field. I then correct the value, I know the value is fine, but the message doesn't clear. With the error message still on screen I hit on submit, then the MVC cycle occurs without errors, with a successful end.

Does any of you know how to fix this? I don't know if I should generate a min version or extend that min version overwriting the function. I don't even know how to do another thing different from the one I've done.

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Did you find the problem? –  James Lawruk Dec 4 '13 at 14:10

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